Ready To Tile Over Shower Bases
Marmox ready to tile over shower bases - Marmox NZMarmox ready to tile over shower bases - Marmox NZ

Ready To Tile Over Shower Bases


Easy to Install

Low Cost


The Marmox Shower base system is a low-cost easy to install waterproof base used in the design of a wet room.  Marmox shower bases are available in a range of sizes to suit all shower layouts.  If you are interested in our custom-sized shower bases, please fill in thCustom Sized Shower Base Form or download it here and email it to [email protected]

Wedge Fillets and Packers can be used with Wedge Shower Bases.


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Marmox ready-to-tile-over shower base is a preformed floor level panel that can be cut to fit the shower area. It is placed directly onto a concrete or wooden floor or it can be recessed. The Marmox shower base will help you create a fully waterproof shower area with total ease. 

You can use a channel drain 800mm for all the shower bases under 1000m side shower bases. 1000mm channel drain to be used for the shower bases 1200mm side length. For all shower bases that are 1500mm side length, you can use 1200mm channel drain or 1000mm channel drain+packers. For the shower trays that are 2000mm side length, you can use the channel drains 1800mm, 1200mm+packers, or 1000mm+packers.


  • Most economical waterproof system 
  • Acoustically better than sand and cement 
  • Hygienic as there is no moisture build up 
  • Suitable for all waterproofing and tiles 
  • Lightweight 
  • Preformed with appropriate falls 
  • Can be easily cut to fit all designs 
  • Perfect for existing timber or concrete floors 

*Not recommended for vinyl