Curved Board – coming soon!

Curved Board – coming soon!

Eco Friendly

Energy Efficient


Easy to Install

Marmox Curved Board – for creating curved walls and furniture.

Applications include:
• Cladding, waterproofing, insulating archways
• Create curved partition walls
• Create curved shower and bath panels
• Tiled bathroom and steam room seating
• Plaster coated curved walls

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This curved board has grooves cut into one surface that makes it flexible allowing it to be flexed into curves and even circles. Once fixed to a wall or a frame the board provides a strong solid substrate for tiling or plastering. The board can be fixed to a masonry wall using tile adhesive or to a timber or metal frame with suitable support using screws and washers. As with all Marmox Multiboards, they have a blue core of CFC-free extruded polystyrene hard foam which is a thermally insulating waterproof material. As a multiboard, the blue core will absorb lateral movement in the frame or sub-structure which is often the cause of cracked tiles or grout. The board can be used to construct gentle to sharp curves with a radius as small as 200mm.

  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Completely water-resistant
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Lightweight and easy to work with/install into new and existing building projects
  • Will not rot or break down
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy-saving/energy efficient
  • Retains its R and U value even in moist conditions
  • Acts as a thermal barrier and significantly reduces heat loss to the substrate

Technical properties of the foam component

Thermal Conductivity0.027 watt/mK
Thermal Conductivity(5 years) 0.032 watt/mK
Compressive Strength3.0 kg/cm² (300kN/m²)
Water Absorption (Immersion)0.02% by vol
Water Absorption (Capillary)Nil
Coefficient of Linear Expansion30 x 10.6
FlammabilityB1 Class ‘0’

Technical properties of the curved board

Minimum curvature200 mm radius
Dimensions600 x 1250 x 20mm
Compressive strength (10%deflection)(5 years) 0.032 watt/mK
Compressive StrengthBSEN 826 0.45N/mm2 (45Tonnes/m2)
Maximum tile loading weightCMB 02/16 to the limit of the tile adhesive
Fire ratingBS 476, parts 6 & 7 Class 0
Size & Type

Transversal 1250 x 600 x 20 mm, Longitudinal 1250 x 600 x 20 mm