How It Works

How It Works

Marmox makes light work of insulating and waterproofing

The building industry is always evolving. Every year, new trends and products appear in line with demand for higher quality, more sustainable builds. If you’re in the building and renovating business, it pays to know about the products that can make work easier and more cost-effective. Marmox offers a range of building solutions that are easy to use, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Multiboards – one board, multiple uses

Marmox Multiboards comprise a range of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam boards finished on both sides with a polymer-modified cement facing reinforced with a glass fibre mesh. The boards are lightweight yet strong and waterproof. These features are unique to Marmox Multiboards and eliminate the need for primers. Marmox Multiboards are also BRANZ appraised which means builders can use them safely in the knowledge that they meet the highest standards.

Marmox Multiboards can be used to insulate floors of new or existing buildings, saving up to 50% of the heat lost through conventional underfloor heating. Multiboards also accelerate heating and reduce running costs. Simply put, for those looking to cut energy costs, Marmox Multiboards are a must.

As the name implies, there’s more than one use to Multiboards. Multiboards can be used to build partitions, have acoustic properties, and don’t absorb moisture so they’re perfect for bathrooms or wet areas where they can be used as tilebackers.

In terms of installation, Marmox Multiboards can be installed with the greatest of ease by anyone with a basic understanding of tiling as the same principles apply. All you need are the instructions, a handsaw, and tile adhesive. It’s as simple as that. For full installation instructions, view our step by step guide here.

Timesaving shower bases

We understand that time is money, which is why we supply prefabricated, ready-to-tile over shower bases that can be placed directly onto existing concrete or wooden floor. Marmox shower bases are acoustically better than sand and cement, are strengthened by a stainless-steel plate around the cut-outs, and are compatible with all waterproofing and tiles.

Our shower bases are a popular choice with builders because they are lightweight, completely waterproof, and feature a built-in slope which makes them incredibly quick and easy to install. With the fall built-in, there’s no need to create one out of sand and cement which can be time-consuming and messy.

While a few more tools and a little extra know-how are needed to install Marmox shower bases, they are significantly easier to install than traditional shower bases, freeing you up to move on to the next job. For full installation instructions, view our guide here.

Marmox shower bases are available in a range of sizes to suit all shower and drain layouts. We can also fabricate shower bases to fit custom installations. Whatever your requirements, our low-cost, easy-to-install shower bases will help you create a fully waterproof, hygienic tiled shower area with ease.

An ever-growing range – curved boards and pipe boxing

At Marmox, innovation never stops, and we are always working towards new solutions that will save builders time and money. In keeping with this approach, we are pleased to announce that builders will soon be able to access our new range of curved boards and pipe boxing, both of which offer the same benefits builders have come to associate with our products along with some great new features.

Marmox curved boards are ideal for creating curved walls and furniture among other uses and are easy-to-install. Our pipe boxing provides a strong waterproof surface for tiling and is perfect for enclosing pipes in wet areas. Watch this space for more information on when these products will be available.